I’m Leaving It Up To You By Dale & Grace


Dale Houston was a country singer from Louisiana. Grace Broussard, also from Louisiana, was 19 and singing in her brothers band. Dale recorded “I’m Leaving It Up To You” as a solo but it just didn’t work. Dale was brought in to make it a duet and the song became a local hit.

The record was released nationally on the Montel label and on November 23, 1963, it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 where it remained for two weeks.

Their follow-up, “Stop And Think It Over,” reached number eight but it proved to be their only other hit. During 1965, while on tour, Dale became homesick and the duo split apart. While they would reunite a few times, their career as a duo was over. It may have been short but it did leave behind one shining moment with the number one “I’m Leaving It All Up To You.”

One side-note. While on tour; they, Bobby Vee, and Brian Hyland were on Main Street in Dallas and saw President Kennedy drive by a few minutes before he was assassinated.




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