She Loves You By The Beatles


The Capital label hit the jack pot when it signed the Beatles to an American contract. Their only mistake was declining to release the Beatles first four singles before striking gold with “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

“She Loves You” was one of the songs turned down by Capital. It was issued in early January of  1964 on the Swan label but received little notice. When “I Want To Hold Your Hand” became a mega-hit Swan reissued “She Loves You” and it eventually replaced “I Want To Hold Your Hand” as the number one single in America on March 21, 1964. It remained at the top of the charts for two weeks.

Oddly it was their producer George Martin who suggested they add “Yeah Yeah Yeah” to the song. which became instantly identifiable with the early Beatles sound.

Considering what the Beatles would produce, “She Loves You” is many times lost in their vast catalogue but near the end of March, 1964, it ruled the American music world.

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