In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth (Vinyl Reissue) By Coheed & Cambria


If one has never been exposed to the music of Coheed and Cambria, one might guess that that the name might refer to a hip-hop duo. Nothing could be further from the truth as they are a band who combines elements of progressive rock, pop, and hardcore punk into their sound.

They are also a band that evokes strong feelings. Most people tend to like them or hate them with very little middle ground.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Sanchez, guitarist Travis Slever, bassist Michael Todd, and drummer Josh Eppard formed the band in 2005. They have traveled in a different, unusual, and creative direction as each studio release is a concept album. They are based on the ongoing science fiction story of The Amory Wars, which is also a comic book and graphic novel series conceived and written by Sanchez. The band’s name is taken from two characters in the series.

Given the band’s approach, the albums are not a light listen. The songs flow into each other and while the textures and tempos may vary, they all further the story. Some tracks can be pulled off and listened to individually but overall each album is a creative whole, as is the series.

Their second album, In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 has just been re-issued as a two-LP, 180 gram vinyl set. As with carefully produced LP’s recorded on non-recycled vinyl and played on a good system, the sound is equal to and many times surpasses that of a CD.

The music and the lyrics many times run counter to each other. The music is melodic and at times contains catchy hooks. At other times it is atmospheric, while some of the songs have a heavy metal or post-punk foundation. The lyrics, in addition to telling a story, travel a very dark road.

In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 is the second album in the series and find Coheed and Cambria developing their style and sound as they settle into the story. Like them or hate them, their music is always interesting.


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