Hello Dolly By Louis Armstrong

Three songs by the Beatles had been number one for 14 straight weeks; “I Want To Hold Your Hand” (7 weeks), “She Loves You” (2 weeks), and “Can’t Buy Me Love” (5 weeks). The big question was who would break their string of number one hits.

Not many people would have guessed a 63 year old jazz trumpet player singing a show tune but on May 9, 1964, “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong reached number one on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 for one week. When the film was released five years later, Armstrong sang the song to Barbra Streisand.

Armstrong first recorded in 1922 as a part of King Oliver’s Jazz Creole Band and had his first solo hit in 1949 with “That Lucky Old Sun.” He passed away July 6, 1971, leaving behind the biggest hit of his career, “Hello Dolly.”

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