Love On A Shoestring By Kerry Chater


Kerry Chater may not be an instantly recognizable name to many music fans but he has had two distinct and successful careers. During the 1960’s he was the bassist for the Union Gap on such hits as “Woman Woman,” “Young Girl,” “Over You,” and “This Girl Is A Woman Now.” For the last several decades he had been a noted Nashville songwriter whose songs have been sung by the likes of Anne Murray, Lee Greenwood, George Strait, Reba McEntire , and Alabama.

In-between those two careers he released two solo albums. Part Time Love, (1977) and the album under review, Love On A Shoestring (1978). Those albums have now been resurrected by Real Gone Music.

The music ranges from the gentle piano based title track to the brass laden “Well On My Way To Loving You.” Covering the middle ground is the smooth and bluesy “Say Your Mama Won’t Mind” and “Once Is Enough,” which has a country rock feel complete with pedal steel guitar.

The album received little notice when it was released and its failure pushed Chater toward his successful career as a songwriter. Still, it was a pleasant, if non essential, album of light p

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