Deep Rising By Third Of Never


Third Of Never was formed during 2003 and they have just released their third full-length album titled Downrising. Guitarist/keyboardist Jon Dawson, vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist CJ Grogan, bassist Vince Grogan, drummer Mike Polilli, and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Kurt Reil have created a sound that fuses traditional rock with a retro psychedelic sound.

The sound is simpler and more sparse than their previous releases. The textures remain but the layers are not as extensive as much of their prior material.

Tracks such as “Green Roses,” “Man Without A Play,” “Life Saver,” and “Man Without A Plan” change tempos and are different enough to always keep it interest. They have also created a series of short connecter tracks under a minute in length which serve as transition pieces.

Downrising may not change the course of rock music but track for track it is a very solid outing for a band about a decade into their career.



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