I Feel Fine By The Beatles


“I Feel Fine” was the song that sold me on the Beatles. The guitar feedback at the beginning was groundbreaking in 1964. When you add in the flip side “She’s A Woman,” which reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100, you have a spectacular single.

When “I Feel Fine” reached number one on December 26, 1964, it was their sixth chart topper. It spent three weeks in the number one position.  The two sided hit single provided their 29th and 30th chart songs of the year.

“I Feel Fine” provided a fitting end to 1964 for the Beatles as no artist in the history of American music had enjoyed such a successful year, but the best was yet to come.


2 Responses to I Feel Fine By The Beatles

  1. Will says:

    I thought that I was alone in being “switched on” by the very first time I heard that electronic growl that open I Feel Fine. I was 14 years old, and listening to AM radio station KJR’s (Seattle) Fab Fifty Weekly Friday afternoon countdown of the singles charts. DJ Pat O’Day announced “And debuting at number one is the Beatles new single “I Feel Fine”. That sound switched something on inside of me. I was transfixed, and flying high along with the song. Then the DJ announced that it was double sided number one hit and played the flip side “She’s a Woman”.

    I spent the night in bed glued to my transistor radio, monitoring multiple teenaged music stations, listening to both sides over and over late into the night. I loved the two songs more with each repeat listen. The next day I bought my first Beatles record: the American 45 release of “I Feel Fine” b/w “She’s a Woman”. Thanks for dredging up this most pleasing memory for me.

    Love your site very much. A definite bookmark for me.

    • David Bowling says:

      Thanks. We are just about the same age. If you click Number One hits in the menu, I am trying to comment on every number one pop hit. Thanks, David

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