Downtown By Petula Clark

Petula Clark was an English child star during the second World War. She had her own radio show that was broadcast over 500 times. She issued her first record in 1949 and during the 1950’s became a star in Europe.

At the age of 32 she seemed an unlikely candidate for stardom in the United States, especially in the midst of the of the British Invasion.

Producer/songwriter Tony Hatch wrote “Downtown” for Clark and it was recorded in English for release in the USA. It broke into the top 100 at number 87 0n December 19, 1964. Five weeks later on January 23, 1965, it was the number one song in the United States, where it remained for two weeks.

During the 1960’s she would place 19 singles on the Pop Chart. Her career is still going strong in her 80’s and “Downtown” continues to be part of her act.



One Response to Downtown By Petula Clark

  1. Will says:

    I remember her well. I was 12 years old in 1964. I liked the song at first listen. This song really created an atmospheric fantasy of some future adult life, of living and working in some magnificent city.

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