Blue Healer By Jimbo Mathis


Now on his own for well over a decade, Jimbo Mathus learned his craft in such bands as the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Johnny Vomit & The Dry Heaves, and the South Memphis String Band. He has now returned with his latest release titled Blue Healer.

His last release, 2014’s Dark Night Of The Soul, traveled in a very southern rock direction. His new release moves in a number of musical directions, fusing several styles and sounds into a homogenous whole.

The album revolves around what can be loosely called the character of the Blue Healer. While only the Blue Healer knows, there are a number of excellent stand alone tracks.

“Shoot Out The Lights” and “Bootheel Witch” are the type of rockers that he is so good at producing. “Thank You” is a stripped down and gritty ballad. “Love And Affection” has a distinct and soaring gospel feel.

Jimbo Mathus always produces music from his soul. The lyrics plum the depths of his psyche and heart, and he is able to set them to catchy music. All in all he comes across as authentic, which is a quality that is all to missing in a lot of music that is being produced today.

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