Eight Days A Week By The Beatles


“I Feel Fine” by The Beatles was  the number one song in the United States on January 1, 1965. After all their success in 1964, two months seemed like a long time between number one’s. On March 13, “Eight Days A Week” ascended to the top of the BILLBOARD Pop Chart and remained in that position for two weeks.

The song also marked a subtle change to their sound. The textures and melodies were becoming more complex and they were becoming more of a studio band than one that would play live. The song featured a double tracking of John Lennon’s  voice and a unique guitar fade in.

The flip side, “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party” also made the top 4, peaking at number 39.  All in all it added up to their seventh American number one.





One Response to Eight Days A Week By The Beatles

  1. Will says:

    Originally, this was to be the A-Side of the new single for Xmas 1964. Then, Paul came up with ‘She’s a Woman’, which became the new candidate for the ’A” side of the single, pushing ‘Eight Days a Week’ to the ‘B’ side. Then John recorded a song he had been toying with since the 1964 American tour: ‘I Feel Fine’. This pushed ‘Eight Days a Week’ off the Xmas 1964 single, where it became ‘just another album track’ on the UK ‘Beatles For Sale’ LP. OMG most groups would have sold their soul to have ‘throw away’ songs of this caliber.

    The song was not included on the American ‘Beatles 65’ LP (first Beatles LP I bought!) So, Capital released ‘Eight Days a Week’ as their new US single in March 1965. I remember being floored by it and running out immediately to buy it. I still have my original picture sleeve ’45 of it.

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