Innocent Victims & Evil Companions By Bill Carter


Bill Carter is a songwriter of note whose compositions have been covered by such diverse artists as John Mayall, Ruth Brown, Robert Palmer, and Waylon Jennings. Lost in the shuffle sometimes, is the fact that he has released a number of albums on his own. His ninth studio album, Innocent Victims & Evil Companions, will be issued February 26th.

The material reflects the many sides of his musical persona. “Feel Town” is old style pop. “Fisherman’s Blues” is a quirky cross between light blues and honky tonk. “Sooner Or Later” finds him in full rock mode. “Missing Guru” has some exotic sitar play by Charlie Sexton. “Lost In A Day” has a number of deep textures. Add in the odd lyrics of “Bughouse In Pasadena” and you have an album that may not be cohesive but its ebb and flow is always interesting.

Bill Carter is an artist who has carved out quite a legacy for himself without becoming a household name. Innocent Victime & Evil Companions is a good way to become acquainted with his music.


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