Ride The Tiger By Greg Lake & Geoff Downes


During 1983, Greg Lake replaced John Wetton in Asia for several concerts in Japan. This was the introduction to Asia member Geoff Downes. The duo ended up writing six songs together. “Affair Of The Heart” and “Street War” were recorded by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, while “Love Under Fire” became an Asia song. Two of the recordings simply vanished and remained unreleased. Now all six tracks plus an early demo of “Love Under Fire” have been released as an album titled Ride The Tiger.

While the press release states the material was recorded for an unreleased album. It may be that Downs and Lake were simply writing together over a period of time but now the songs have been assembled to create an album.

It is basically an album that fills in some gaps for fans of Lake, Downes, ELP, Asia, Yes, and even the Buggles. They do not create anything extraordinary plus the songs have an unfinished feel. This is most apparent when the final versions of the ELP and Asia songs are compared.

Sometimes songs and albums that have remained unissued, have been so for a reason. Ride The Tiger is basically a filler album but if you are so inclined, go ahead.

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