Rich In Love By Colin Linden


Colin Linden was a pre-teen guitar prodigy who is now past the 30 year mark in his recording career. He has always been in high demand as a session musician and has appeared on over 400 recorded songs. Recently he played with Bob Dylan as the guitarist in his touring band. Last year he released his first studio album since 2009.

At the heart of his music is his ability to write a song. The 12 tracks were all written or co-written by Linden and bear his personal stamp. Introspective, they explores a variety of subjects within the context of the blues and country-rock.

The heart of the release are a number of ballads. “Delia Come For Me” is an acoustic piece on which he overdubs some slide guitar. “The Hurt” is an extended blues style ballad made all the more authentic by harp virtuoso Charlie Musselwhite’s excursions. “Everybody Ought To Be Loved” takes a soulful approach with exquisite background harmonies.

He does travel in a number of other directions. “Knob & Tube” is a laid back track featuring his mandolin work and stellar vocals by Amy Helm. “I Need Water” ramps up the energy level due to his slide guitar work. “No More Cheap Wine” continues the trend as he moves close to a rock sound with crackling guitar play.

Colin Linden is one of those talented musicians who continues to ply his craft without achieving massive commercial appeal. If you have not explored his music, Rich In Love will be a treat.

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