Soul Shadows By Paul Carrack


One of the great voices in rock music has returned with a new album titled Soul Shadows.

Even if you are not familiar with Paul Carrack’s solo work; if you are a fan of rock music, you have heard his voice due to stints with Roxy Music, The Squeeze, Mike & The Mechanics, and Ace. Classic songs such as “How Long” by Ace,” “The Living Years” and “Silent Running” by Mike & The Mechanics, and “Tempted” by Squeeze all bear his vocal stamp.

His last album, 2013’s Rain Or Shine,” featured both original compositions and a number of covers. Now with Soul Shadows, he has returned to his songwriting ways as only one of the 11 tracks is not his and that is a tasty cover of the Bobby Blue  Bland classic “Share Your Love With Me.

Songs such as “Late At Night,” “Sweet Soul Legacy,” “Too Good To Be True,” and “Say What You Mean” now enter the melodic Paul Carrack musical lexicon. A first rate effort from a veteran of the music wars.

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