Rippin’ Up New York City Live: Live At The Winery NYC By Dave Davies


Dave Davies is one of those rock and roll survivors. He spent nearly three tumultuous decades as the lead guitarist for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Kinks. In 1964 he created one of the most famous guitar riffs in rock and roll history with his opening chords to “”you Really Got Me.” He is now fully recovered from a major stroke that left him unable to play the guitar and sing for a while. Proof of his survival is his new live album, Rippin’ Up New York City.

He and his backing band of guitarist Jonathan Lea, drummer Dennis Diken, bassist/keyboardist Tom Currier, and backing vocalist Rebecca Wilson played two shows at the New York City Winery, November 24 and 25, 2014, and the tape was running.

The 15 tracks are both powerful and intimate as he moves back and forth from electric rockers to sensitive acoustic pieces.

The concert, and the CD, was constructed well as they build toward a trio of Kinks songs finale. “Where Have All The Good Times Gone,” “All Day And All Of The Night,” and “You Really Got Me” are explosive and quickly show why Davies has influenced two generations of guitarists.

He reaches back to the beginning of his solo career for a smooth rendition of 1967’s “Death Of A Clown.” While his solo output may be more reserved than much of the music of the Kinks; songs such as “Creepin’ Jean,”  “Suzannahs Still Alive,” “Flowers In The Rain,” “Livin’ On A Thin Line,” and “Rippin’ Up Time” have some bite beneath the textures

Davies has completely recovered since his medical issues as his technical ability on the guitar remain excellent. The sound is clean with a good mix between the band and audience.

It’s good to have Dave Davies back in circulation. He will be touring on the east coast of the United States during October. If Rippin’ It Up In New York City is any indication, it may be a good time to catch a true legend in action.

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