Charlie Faye & The Fayettes Bt Charlie Faye & The Fayettes


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; it time to enter the time machine and travel back to the pre-Beatle days of penny loafers, Frankie & Annette, and the girl group sound.

Charlie Faye & The Fayettes are a vocal group caught  between time periods. Their sound channels girl groups of the 1960’s such as The Ronettes, Crystals, Shangri-las, and the Crystals. The production is modern making it a nice blend of old and new.

Charlie Faye, with BettySoo and Akina Adderley, all possess excellent voices that are able to blend together to create classic harmonies. In addition Faye is an accomplished songwriter who wrote or co-wrote the 11 tracks. Her creations are made for the 1960’s girl style but through the use of guitars, sax, and keyboards; she is able to layer the music to create a nice fusion of eras.

Whether its the toughness of “Coming Round The Bend,” the sonic “Delayed Reactions,” the funky horn laden “East Side,” or the nostalgic “Heart”; it is a nice ride though the sound and music of a bygone era.

Charlie Faye & The Fayettes have created an album that may not expand the parameters of modern music but they have created an album that is a lot of fun, and sometimes that is enough.


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