The World Moves On By The Hitman Blues Band


The Hitman Blues Band, featuring Russell “Hitman” Alexander (guitar/vocals), Kevin Bents (keyboards), Mike Porter (bass), Guy La Fontaine (drums), and sax players Mickey Vitale and Nick Clifford, have released a new album of hard hitting, modern day, electric blues.

The 13 tracks contain seven new originals, one cover, and five re-imagined previously released songs. My only criticism is the five previously released tracks were not re-recorded but rather had a horn section added to spice them up. If you are going to go to the trouble of adding a brass section, just record everything again to give it a  new feel.

Songs such as “Bad Bad Man,” “”Two Minute Warning,” and “The World Moves On” all blast from the speakers. The tracks are all long enough for the band to build their sound and allow Alexander to provide some guitar improvisation along the way.

The World Moves On finds a veteran band hitting their stride. It is a release that should appeal to any fan of the modern-day blues.

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