Blue Skies By Matty T Wall


Matty T. Wall is an under appreciated blues treasure. He has a soulful voice that captures the blues and is a guitarist who represents its essence. He has now released a new album titled Blue Skies.

Wall is basically a blues traditionalist who add a modern touch to its history and legacy. Whether one of his seven originals or three choice cover songs; it is a trip through what the modern day blues are all about.

Backed by his band of drummer Jasper Miller and bassist Stephen Walker, plus the addition of organist of Gordon Cant; he blasts his way through Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child”  and the Robert Johnson classic “Hellhound On My Trail,” while tracks such as “Burnin’ Up Burin’ Down,” “This Is Red,” and “Love Gone Away” show his song writing skills.

Blue Skies is no-nonsense blues by a modern day guitar warrior. Matty T Wall is an artist who deserves your attention.


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