Naked … In Your Face By Eddie Turner & Trouble Twins


Eddie Turner may not be a household name but he is an underground guitar legend who has produced good music for nearly 50 years. His career stretches back to the early 1970’s and playing with such groups as Mother Earth, Zephyr, and the Otis Taylor Band. His solo career has seen him fuse the blues with rock and roll with some funk chops thrown in for good measure.

His newest album is also his first live release. Recorded at Calgary’s Blues Can during August of 2015; it finds Turner fronting a basic trio with bassist/vocalist Anna Lisa Hughes and drummer Kelly Kruse in support.

While the album is a vehicle for Turner to show off his guitar virtuosity; bassist Hughes adds some interesting elements including gritty vocals on the albums two cover songs, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” and “Buried Alive In The Blues,” plus her own composition “Mistreated.”

The meat of the album are Turner’s own composition. “So Many Roads,” “Dangerous,” “Rise,” and “Secret” all clock in between eight and 12 minutes, which give Turner plenty of room to improvise as he takes the melodies on a number of twists and turns.

Live is the way Turner should be experienced. Naked…In Your Face is a coming out party for an under appreciated guitar genius and you’re invited.


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