Drive Til’ U Die By Hymn For Her


If you are ever driving down the highway and pass a 1961 Bambi Airstream being towed by a Ford van that looks like it has traveled a half-million miles, you have probably seen the home of Hymn For Her.

Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing (and their daughter) have been traveling the highways and by-ways of America producing and playing their music, while living their life on the road. They are a self-contained band who have released their latest album titled Drive Til U Die.

Musicians Lucy and Wayne play what can best be labeled as hillbilly rock. There are some up-tempo songs such as the album opening rocker “Devil’s Train,” the twang of “Hi Ho Silver,” and the honky tonk vibe of “The Road Song.”  The best track, however, may be the gentle “Seas Of Croatia,” which places the emphasis on Lucy’s voice.

They produce music at its basic best. There is some shouting, hollering, and picking, which fits in with a bygone era. They are in touch with a modern sound as the production is rustic but impeccable and the lyrics convey their stories.

Ultimately Hymn For Her produces music about their lives on the road. Their thoughts and dreams merge with the realism of their life choices, which makes their sound have a unique quality.

Drive Til You Die is an album worth exploring whether you are just relaxing or more appropriately driving down the highway.

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