Ape Shifter By Ape Shifter

Jeff Aug is not a name you might recognize. He is a Washington D.C. born guitarist who has lived the last 20 years in southern Germany. He has floated in and out of a number of bands, and as a solo artist has toured with such artists as Soft Machine, Johnny A, and Albert Lee. Also of interest is he holds the Guinness Book Of World Record for the most concerts performed on different continents within a 24 hour period.

His new band, Ape Shifter, is a basic progressive rock band with Aug as the guitarist with bassist Florian Walter, and drummer Kurty Munch. Their self-titled debut album is all instrumental, carried and fronted by Aug’s excursions with his guitar.

This is the edgiest music Aug has produced. He has issued three rock and one punk album with his former bands, plus eight acoustic albums. Now he has cranked up the sound and intensity and immersed himself in the world of progressive rock.

“Dead Tuna Boogie,” “Ratchet Attack,” “Desert Rock,” and “Brain-O-Mat” are solid and contain enough room for Aug to improvise over the tight rhythm section. A good listen for any fan of the sound and style.

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