Front Porch Sessions By Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

It’s time to gather the true believers of the blues, because Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is coming to town with their latest album release Front Porch Sessions.

Peyton has always been an evangelist for the blues. He is a traditionalist who combines the blues with a roots Americana feel. His new album is a stripped back affair. It is also his most personal release and on a number of the tracks he is solo.

What he always has going for him is his unique finger picking style on the guitar. It is the heart and soul of his approach and helps him stay in touch with the roots and rhythms of the blues.

The two instrumentals, “Flying Squirrels” and “It’s All Night Long” are living guitar history lessons. “One More Thing” delves into what life is all about out in the country. He even has a little fun with “Shakey Shirley.

Peyton is an intense and emotional performer who always takes his blues seriously. If you can buy in to his brand of stark and in some cases countrified blues, then there is a place for you in his congregation.

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