Scream (Vinyl Release) By Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, like Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince, remains just as popular in death as he was in life. Also, similar to the aforementioned mentioned threesome, there seems to be a huge reservoir of material waiting to be released or re-released.

Jackson’s newest posthumous release is titled Scream. While it was issued in conjunction with Halloween, it is basically a collection of 13 dance tracks, plus a newly created five song medley “Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)” It is being released in a number of formats but this review is for the double disc vinyl version.

The uniqueness of the vinyl will appeal to hardcore Jackson fans and possibly to general record collector’s alike. The vinyl is glow in the dark. Picture discs have been around for decades but this is a nice modern technological touch, especially when spinning on the turn table.

The sound is impeccable as it should be with today’s technology and the use of quality rather than scrap vinyl.

The 13 regular tracks are not new but having some of his up-tempo material in one place makes for an energetic, toe-taping release. They also dig a little deeper into his catalogue. Songs such as “Thriller” and “Dirty Diana” are very recognizable but Rockwell’s dance hit “Somebody’s Watching Me” with Jackson adding vocals, “Heartbreak Hotel” by The Jacksons now titled “This Place Hotel,” and “Scream,” which is his only duet with sister Janet are all nice additions and give the overall feel of the album a different twist.

Scream is a well-thought out and impeccably produced album. It presents Michael Jackson’s legacy from a unique perspective. The vinyl is an added bonus.

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