Old School By Kid Ramos

In cosmic terms, 17 years is the blink of an eye but in the life of a musician, it can be a lifetime.

Kid Ramos has just released his first album in 17 years. During that time period he has raised a family and fought off a cancer attack. Old School represents his return to the blues.

His approach is straight forward and fairly simple. His rhythm section lays down the rhythms and Ramos riffs over them. The opening track, “Kid’s Jump (Tribute To B.B.)” is an excellent example of his approach.

While Ramos is a vocalist, he has blues singers Johnny Tucker, Kim Wilson, and Big Jon Atkinson to lend a hand. His 17 year old son Johnny debuts as a vocalist as well.

Kid Ramos does not change the blues world or try to get to inventive. Old School is a solid album of music, which should please any aficionado of the blues.

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