Sleeping Dogs By Jeff Plankenhorn

Jeff Plankenhorn is a multi-instrumentalist and master inventor of the “the Plank,” which is a combination steel guitar and dobro. His last album centered around the Plant. Now with the release of Sleeping Dogs,” moves is a number of different directions. While his home-made instrument makes a few appearances; he also plays a number of instruments while crafting a number of very listenable songs.

While Plankenhorn is grounded in the blues; albeit the greasy region of the south. “Tooth And Nail” is emblematic of this style. It features kindred spirit Ray Wylie Hubbard on guitar, vocals, and as co-writer.

“Holy Lightning” is more sedate, while “Further To Fall” and “Heaven On Earth” explore his connection and affinity to nature. Through it all he exhibits a fine expertise on the guitar.

Sleeping Dogs continues his recent journey from sideman to solo artist. Moving away from just focusing on one instrument provides him with the room to explore a number of styles. It is hoped that this is just the beginning of his adventure.

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