VHS BY Dr. Chrispy

Very few musicians have taken a more unusual or circuitous journey to issuing their first album than Chris Boshuizen, professionally known as Dr. Chrispy.

Boshuizen holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Sydney, and for nearly two decades was employed by NASA. Now working for his own company Planet Labs, he has helped design over 200 satellites.

In his spare time he began creating music on his computer. His hobby has now come to fruition in the release of his debut album VHS.

As one might expect from his former profession, this is an album of electronica that travels on the outer edge of structured music. There is a nostalgic quality contained in the music but it is synthetic and technological and will only appeal to a niche audience that is willing to listen to music outside the mainstream.

There is a theme and a personal sense to the project. The songs were written in and inspired by cities that he experienced in his travels. Their inspiration inspired his creative thoughts and process and are reflected in the titles.

Dr. Chrispy is now travelingg a different journey of exploration. If you are inclined to take a trip outside the norm, then you might want to give VHS a try.

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