Together We Can Make A Merry Christmas by Annette and Frankie Avalon

April 19, 2013

together we can make a merry christmas

Long after their series of BEACH PARTY films had run their course and before they reunited for BACK TO THE BEACH, Frankie and Annette issued the single, “(Together We Can Make A) Merry Christmas.”

While it received no chart action and little airplay, it was a nostalic blast from the past from the two 1950s and 1960s icons. It was simple-minded fun and sometimes that is enough.

Dream Boy 45 by Annette

April 11, 2013

Dream Boy

Annette Funicello passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 70. As a Baby Boomer I worshipped Annette during her time on the Mickey Mouse Club. She was one of the early superstars of the television era. I followed along as she starred in the series of Beach Party movies and then sort of tucked my memories of her into that nostalgic place that many adults have for things of their youth.

She issued a series of successful singles, 1959-1961, with ten charting on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Hot 100. “Dream Boy” was her last chart single. Released during early 1961, it only reached number 87 during its two weeks on the chart. It was a re-working of the 1880 tune “Funiculi-Funcula.” It was typical of the non-offensive light weight material she would issue.

She was one of the people that defined an era and while her career never matched those early days, she remained an icon for the baby boom generation that aged along with her.

Indian Giver 45 by Annette

March 21, 2013


Annette Funicello will always be remembered for her time on the original MICKEY MOUSE CLUB television show and as the star of the series of BEACH PARTY movies. What is sometimes forgotten is that she released 15 albums and dozens of singles. Oddly, despite her being a huge star, her records were only moderately successful. Ten of her singles managed to chart on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Hot 100 but only four reached the top 20.

“Indian Giver” was representative of her music as it was a light weight pop tune with simple lyrics and melody. Many of her single releases came with a picture sleeve but few so hokey as the one pictured here.

Annette the televisio starn and movie actor was symbolic of an era while Annette the singer remains an after thought. Still, many of her releases remain collectable with the legion of fans that have stuck with her through the years.

O Dio Mio 45 by Annette

January 22, 2013

O Dio Mio

Annette Funicello became a star during the last half of the 1950s when she was a mouseketeer on the Disney television series, THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. During the early 1960s she starred in a series of popular BEACH PARTY movies.

During these two periods of her career, she had a series of songs reach the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart. “O Dio Mio” was typical of her sound as it was bright and catchy light weight pop. It reached number 10 on the Pop Singles Chart during early 1960.

She would place 10 songs on the Singles Chart, 1959-1961.

Teenage Wedding 45 by Annette

January 22, 2012

Annette Funicello was a teen and pre-teen idol of the 1950s as one of the star os THE MICkEY MOUSE CLUB. She went on to star with Frankie Avalon in the series of BEACH PARTY movies.

“Teenage Wedding” was released during 1962 just when Annette was turning 20 years old. It did not chart but the picture sleeve was a classic.

Lonely Guitar 45 by Annette

September 29, 2011

Annette Funicello became a teen or pre-teen idol during her time with The Mickey Mouse Club during the 1950s. She continued her idol status during the 1960s as the star of the series of BEACH PARTY movies.
In between, 1959-1961, she established a credible singing career, recording a number of albums, plus placing 10 singles on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

“Lonely Guitar” was not her biggst hit as it only reached number 50 during its 11 weeks on the Pop Singles Charts, yet it contained one of her better vocals.

The picture sleeve showed Annette just between being a teenager and a woman. It spoke to millions of late 1950s teenagers who were also growing up at the time.

Pineapple Princess 45 by Annette

September 20, 2011

Annette Finicello was one of the childhood/teen idols of the 1950s during her time with THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. She then went on to star in the series of BEACH PARTY movies. During this time period she continued to release albums and singles.

One of her most popular singles was “Pineapple Princess,” which was released August 15, 1960 and rose to number 11 on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart. It was the third biggest single hit of her career.

The single was taken from her SURFIN” HITS albums, which remains her most collectable as it appeals to both her fans and fans of surfing music as well.

How Will I Know My Love 45 by Annette

September 11, 2011

Annette Funicello will always be remembered for her time with the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB and as the star of the BEACH PARTY series of movies. She also released a number of singles and albums, which proved popular and commercially successful.

“How Will I Know My Love” was her first single release. It was issued during 1958 right in between the finish of the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB and before she began her string of BEACH PARTY movies.

The single received no chart action despite it being a nice peepy ballad. It would, however, set the table for the music that would follow.

Muscle Beach Party 45 by Annette

August 2, 2011

Annette Funicello charted 10 singles on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart, 1959-1961. She released a couple of dozen more singles during the rest of the 1960s but none saw any chart action, which is too bad as many were catchy tunes from her series of BEACH PARTY movies.

MUSCLE BEACH PARTY was the second of seven BEACH PARTY movies. It starred Frankie, Annette, Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett, Peter Lorre, but unfortunately no Eric Von Zipper.

Annette released the title song as a single during 1964 but musical tastes were changing and this catchy piece of pop fluf quickly disappeared.

The movies are now cult classics. Great picture sleeve!

Talk To Me Baby 45 by Annette

July 20, 2010

Annette Funnicello was a big teen star in 1960. Her time on The Mickey Mouse Club had made her a heart throb to a generation of baby boom boys. Beginning in 1963 she would go on to star in a series of BEACH PARTY movies.

Paul Anka was likewise a huge star. His 1959 hit “Lonely Boy” had topped the American singles charts for 4 weeks. “Put Your head On My Shoulder” (released 1959) and “Puppy Love” (released 1960) had both reached number two.

I seem to remember that they dated for a very short time but no matter. He wrote the song “Talk To Me Baby for Annette. So what happened when these two superstars of the late fifties worked together? Not much as the song stalled at number 92.

We are left with this old picture sleeve with the young Annette and Anka appearing intently into music history.