Daydream Believer By The Monkees

December 7, 2020

The Monkees had finally taken control of their career and were creating and producing there own music. Unfortunately their television show was nearing its end and would be canceled after the 59th episode. Over the next 50 years they would re-unite in various combinations and then drift apart again.

The band’s popularity rivaled that of the Beatles for two years and they would leave behind a musical legacy of a number of pleasant pop tunes.

“Daydream Believer” was their last number one song. It reached the top of the charts on December 2, 1967, and there it remained for four weeks.

I’m A Believer By The Monkees

February 16, 2020

At the beginning of November 1966, The Monkees had a new television show and a number one hit. “The Last Train To Clarksville” spent one week at the top of the charts.

By the end of the year, The Monkees were stars and their commercial popularity rivaled that of the Beatles. They also had a new number one hit. “I’m A Believer” reached the top of the charts, December 31, 1966, and remained there for seven weeks.

There was still controversy about their involvement in the creation of the music and remains so to this day. Still, they produced one of the biggest hits of the decade.

Last Train To Clarksville By The Monkees

December 4, 2019

The Monkees main problem early in their career was they were a fictitious band who produced real music.

Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz, and Davy Jones answered an ad, along with over 400 other musicians, to star in a television series about a rock band, and so the Monkees were born.

The four band members spent all their time filming, so studio musicians played most of the instruments on their first two albums. Glen Campbell, Leon Russell, and Hal Blaine were just some of the musicians who played on their early recordings.

Real or not, “The Last Train To Clarksville” shot to the top of the charts, where it spent the week of November 5, 1966, as the number one song in the United States.

Controversy would continues but the show became a hit and the for next two years, sales of their singles and albums would rival that of the Beatles.

D.W. Washburn 45 by The Monkees

July 23, 2012

The Monkees may have been a pre-fabricated group made for television but during 1966 there popularity rivaled that of The Beatles. Their first two single releases, “Last Train To Clarkesville” and “I’m A Believer” both reached number one on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart. “I’m A Believer” was the number one single of the year.

Their original career only lasted three years as once their TV show was canceled their commercial success began to decline.

THeir last top 20 hit until their 1980s comback was “D.W. Washburn.” it first reached the BILLBOARD Chart June 15, 1968. During its seven weeks on the chart, it peaked at number 19. The flip side, “It’s Nice To Be With You,” also charted at number 51.

It was not as catchy as many of their hits and in some ways it seems as if the band was just going through the motions. While they would disband during 1969, there would be reunions in the 1980s and 1990s.

Don’t Do It 45 by Micky Dolenz

June 6, 2011

Several weeks before Micky Dolenz began his career as a member of The Monkess, he went into a west coast studio and recorded a single for the Challege label. It sat aound for a couple of years.

It was not until a couple of years later that the label realized they a single in the vaults by a member of one of the most popular bands in the world, The Monkees.

“Don’t Do It” was released March 4, 1967. It only reached number 53 on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart and was the only solo chart single of his career.

Dolenz would reunite with The Monkees several times down through the years, plus appear as a gueat in several television series episodes. He recently has served a a disc jockey. “Don’t Do It” is a song which has slid into obscurity.

Daydream Believer 45 by The Monkees

January 20, 2011

The Monkees had three number one hits during the height of their career. “Daydream Believer” was the last of the three and was released November 18, 1967. It would top The United States singles charts for 4 weeks.

“Daydream Believer” was their type of typical lightweight pop and while it may not have been essential to the history of rock ‘n’ roll, it was a pleasant listen at the time.

Many music fans today forget just how popular The Monkees were for a three year period. Their sales rivaled those of The Beatles. “Daydream Believer” remains one of their best remembered songs.

I’m A Believer 45 by The Monkees

December 8, 2010

In retrospect its difficult to believe The Monkees were as popular as the Beatles for a couple of years. Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, and Davey Jones had their own television show, 1966-1968, and used it as their springboard to massive success.

They were basically a pop band who produced catchy songs. “I’m A Beliver” released December 10, 1966, would become their biggest hit spending seven weeks in the number one position on The American singles chart.

The song was written by Neil Diamond and the lead vocal was by Mickey Dolenz. It remains the lightweight side of the late sixties and a sunny counterpoint to much of the music that was being produced at the time.

Last Train To Clarksville 45 by The Monkees

November 15, 2010

Columbia Televison had an idea of creating a TV series about a rock group and 400 musicians answered the casting call. Selected were singer Davy Jones, drummer Mickey Dolenz, guitarist Mike Nesmith, and bassist Peter Tork.

The TV series last 1966-1968 and was immensely popular for a time. The Monkees would sell millions of albums and 45’s with their light pop/rock sound.

Their first single would launch the group in style. “Last Train To Clarksville” would stay on the singles chart for fifteen weeks and reach the number one position for a one week stay.

It was only the beginning for a short but extremely successful career.