Somethin’ Stupid By Nancy And Frank Sinatra

May 28, 2020

Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra were the first father and daughter to both have number one hits. They would be joined by the Boones.

Nancy and Frank joined together in early 1966 and recorded a duet. It would be the only one of their careers together.

It proved to be a huge hit and on April 15, 1967, became the number one song in the United States, where it remained for four weeks.

Nancy would go on to have a series of top ten hits, including a number of duets with Lee Hazlewood. It would be the last top ten hit of Frank’s career.

Happy Together By The Turtles

April 22, 2020

The Turtles made music that made you smile.

They started out in a folk/rock direction. Their cover of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe” reached the top ten. They then turned down “Eve Of Destruction,” which Barry McGwire took to the top of the charts.

They took a different direction with their hit “You Baby.” The harmonies and the feel good nature of their music were in place.

Their sixth single release was “Happy Together.” It entered the Hot 100 on February 11, 1967, Six weeks later, on March 25th, it reached number one, where it would remain for three weeks.

The Turtles would break-up in 1970, leaving behind a legacy of just plain old fun-filled music and a single number 1 song.

Penny Lane By The Beatles

April 13, 2020

August 29, 1966: The Beatles play the last concert of their career at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

November 9, 1966: John Lennon attends an exhibition at an art gallery and meets Yoko Ono.

December 1966: The Beatles begin recording SGT. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Two of the first songs records are “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever.” There are dropped from the album and released as a single.

March 18, 1967: “Strawberry Fields” peaks at number 8 on the Billboard 100. “Penny Lane” reaches the top of the charts for one week and becomes the Beatles 13th chart topper in the United States.

Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone By The Supremes

April 9, 2020

There was trouble in paradise.

The Supremes were about to become Diana Ross and The Supremes. Cindy Birdsong was getting ready to replace original Supreme Florence Ballad.

Despite everything that was percolating under the surface, musically the Supremes kept on rolling.

“Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone” topped the American Music Charts the week of March 11, 1967.

Ruby Tuesday By The Rolling Stones

March 29, 2020

Ed Sullivan had a problem. The Rolling Stones were about to appear on his television show and sing their new single “Let’s Spend The Night Together.” He was not comfortable with the sexually explicit lyrics and asked Mick Jagger to change them. Jagger slurred his way through the objectionable parts.

American radio disc jockeys took a different approach. They just played the B side of the single release. The song was not a favorite of the band but on March 4, 1967, it became their fourth number one American single.

Problem solved!

Kind Of A Drag By The Buckinghams

February 16, 2020

The Buckinghams were a band from the north side of Chicago. Signed to the city-based label USA, they reached number one for two weeks, beginning February 18, 1967. It was a bright piece of rock and roll history driven by the horn section.

The large Columbia label quickly signed the band and they had five more hits. “Don’t You Care,” “Mercy Mercy Mercy,” “Susan,” “Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song)” and “Back In Love Again.” Two years later the Buckinghams were no more.

Left behind was their Columbia producer Williams Guercio who learned his lessons well and went on to produce Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago.

I’m A Believer By The Monkees

February 16, 2020

At the beginning of November 1966, The Monkees had a new television show and a number one hit. “The Last Train To Clarksville” spent one week at the top of the charts.

By the end of the year, The Monkees were stars and their commercial popularity rivaled that of the Beatles. They also had a new number one hit. “I’m A Believer” reached the top of the charts, December 31, 1966, and remained there for seven weeks.

There was still controversy about their involvement in the creation of the music and remains so to this day. Still, they produced one of the biggest hits of the decade.