I’ve Heard The Song Before 78 by Harry James with Helen Forrest

August 30, 2011

Harry James is a sometimes somewhat forgotten superstar of the big band era. The same can be said for singer Helen Forrest. Both would continue to perform until near their deaths in 1983 and 1999. respectively.

Harry James could coax some of the purest sounds from his trumpet as you will ever hear. Likewise, Helen Forrest had a beautiful and clear soprano voice.

“I’v Heard That Song Before” began like many of Harry James’ releases. First it was his trumpet soaring above the mix and then during the second half of the song, it was Helen’s voice taking over.

The song reached number one March 6, 1943 and became one of the biggest hits of the decade. It remained in the number one position for 12 weeks, fell out ot that position, and then returned for one more week for a grand total of 13 weeks on top of the music world.