Alabastard By Austin Hanks

October 2, 2017

Austin Hanks is a road warrior who has spent the last decade plying his craft in front of audiences large and small. He has opened for such rockers as The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, Bad Company, and his old pals ZZ Top. He recently took some time off to record and release his first album in years. The title, Alabastard, represents a wanderer who left his home in Alabama in search of a better life.

He is a straight ahead country rock musician, who channels ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynnrd at times. His singing has a soulful appeal, which many times runs counterpoint to the music.

He presents his music without frills as his brand of boogie rock and blues would be at home in a juke joint late at night. “This Ain’t No Jukebox,” “Toughest Part Of Me,” “”Rise Above,” and “Alive & Untied” are all energetic blasts of rock power.

Alabastard may not cover any new ground but it is a solid album of music that is fit for a late-night party.

Rating: ***