Another Saturday Night 45 by Same Cooke

August 29, 2012

Sam Cooke, 1931-1964, was one of the seminal music figures of the 1950s and early 1960s. He was a black artist who continually crossed-over to the mainly white pop charts. He had 29 top 40 pop hits during his all to short career. He was also one of the originators of the soul sound, which influenced the generation of artists that followed him.

He had a number of memorable hits. Songs such as “You Send Me,” “Chain Gang,” “Twisting The Night AWay,” and “I’ll Come Running Back To You” were some of the better singles of the pre-Beatles era.

“Another Saturday Night” was released during March of 1963. It topped the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart and reached number 10 on the Pop Chart. It was another smooth performance from Cooke and will still leave you wanting more.