Shut Down 45 by The Beach Boys

December 29, 2011

“Shut Down” was the Beach Boys song that just kept on ticking. I was a track on their SURFIN USA album. Next it appeared as the B side of the “Surfin’ USA” single. The B side may not have been the big hit but it did reach number 23 on the BILBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart in its own right. It reappeared as a track on their LITLE DEUE COUPLE album. It was just warming up however.

The Capital label decided to release an album of hot road and car songs by such artists as the Piltdown Men, The Cheers, the Super Stocks and others, in order to promote their music. Two songs by the Beach Boys were included to promote the album; “409” and “Shut Down.”

“Shut Down” was not quite finished. The song gained in popularity and so the Beach Boys released “Shut Down Volume II.” The album received a Gold Record Award for sales and included such eternal Beach Boys songs as “Fun Fun Fun,” “The Warmth Of The Sun,” and “Don’t Worry Baby.”

It may not be the best know Beach Boys car song but it sure has a lot of miles under the hood.