That’s What They Say By Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans

December 11, 2015

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Brad Vickers produces an excellent brand of modern day blues that every once in awhile adds a little Americana and country elements to the mix. What sets him apart is he really seems to enjoy his music. and sometimes that can make all the difference. Now with his backing band The Vestapolitans, he has returned with his new release That’s The Way.

His new release combines six originals, six tunes by Margey Peters, and several traditional covers, which all come together in an album filled with music that pays homage to the past.

Tampa Red’s “Seminole Blues” is given a hard-edged treatment with just bass, guitar, drums, and vocal. Leadbelly’s “Don’t You Love Your Daddy No More” is filled out with sax and clarinet.

Other highlights includes his own “Everything About You Is Blue,” which includes work by fiddle player Charles Burnham, a sparse tribute to Appalachia with “Martin Sparrow,” and a full blown brass infused production of Margey Paters “Mama”s Cookin.’ ”

Brad Vickers has created another album that will be enjoyable both to himself and his listeners.