Mockingbird Soul By Brigitte DeMeyer And Will Kimbriugh

May 8, 2017

Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough have toured together, written songs together, and sang together. That musical relationship has resulted in their first album as a duo, Mockingbird Soul.

They have released an unpretentious, laid back album that travels in a number of directions, including blues, gospel, pop, and even some jazz. The vocal harmonies are spontaneous and meld together as if they had grown up singing together. The writing is cerebral in places but all in all it is a gentle and reflective album that fits sitting on the back porch late at night somewhere in the south.

“The Juke” features Demeyer’s sultry voice backed by the in and out of Kimbrough’s harmonica. “Little Easy” is a wonderful ode to Mobile with only some simple guitar lines to guide the sound. Oliver Wood, of the Wood Brothers, adds his voice to the wistful “Carpet Bagger’s Lullaby.” There is also an intimate cover of the Incredible String Band’s “October Song” that benefits from their vocals.

Sometimes the mood is light-hearted as with the bluesy “Honey Bee” and sometimes nostalgic as with “I Can hear Your Voice, which is about the presence of a lost parent.

This is a release where the production adds to the overall enjoyment of the sound. The voices and guitars are distinct. While their are other instruments at times, they do not intrude on each other or the harmonies.

Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough have released an album of material that appeals to them. It may not change the course of popular music, but it is highly appealing and very listenable.