Core By Arjun

April 25, 2015


Core by Arjun is an album you need to listen to a number of times to appreciate the textures  and understand the subtleties.

The band was formed during 2003 and consists of guitarist Eddie Arjun Peters, drummer Lamar Myers, and bassist Andre Lyles. They are an experimental threesome who combine rock and jazz improvisations into a fusion sound.

Their approach is instrumental and given the nature of their music, it is safe to say that vocals would be a hindrance. The rhythm section lays down deep grooves as Peters guitar dances above the rhythms. Some of the songs move in a gentle direction, while others have a powerful impact.

They have developed into a tight band who after a decade together are able to intimately connect with each other, which given their improvisational approach, is an important component of their success.

Arjun has carved out a nice niche for themselves in the musical landscape. Core is an album well-worth exploring.