Over And Over 45 by The Dave Clark Five

June 7, 2012

The Dave Clark Five are members of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. During the 1960s British Invasion they were one of the major goups to reach American shores as their single releases sold in the tens-of-millions of copies. They were also one of the very few groups of the era never to have a reunion once they split.

The band had alot of memorable hits including “Glad All Over,” “Bits And Pieces,” “Do You Love Me,” and “Can’t You See That’s She’s Mine.” Oddly their only number one hit was “Over And Over.” Released during the fall of 1965, it would spend one week on top of the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

It was a typical rocking DC5 release. They always managed to make their rock music catchy enough to make it perfect for AM radio play.

The Dave Clark Five placed 24 singles on the American Pop Chart, 1964- 1967, but “Over And Over” was their biggest hit.

I Like It Like That 45 by The Dave Clark 5

April 4, 2011

For a time, The Dave Clark Five rivaled The Beatles for popularity. That may not have lasted long but they managed to place 24 singles on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart, 1964-1967.

“I Like It Like That” was released June 19, 1965, and is a nice rocker. It contains one of Mike Smiths better vocals. It reached number seven on the American Singles Charts.

The Dave Clark Five disbanded in 1970 and were one of the few bands to never re-unite.

Sax player Dennis Payton died in 2006. Lead vocalist/organist Mike Smith died two weeks before their induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on March 10,2008.

Any of their CD compilation albums is worth hearing and owning. Songs such as “I Like It Like That” are some of the best of the British Invasion.