Every Soul’s A Star By Dave Keller

February 13, 2020

For music aficionado’s in the know, a new album by Dave Keller is a cause for celebration. Every Soul’s A Star is the veterans first release for Catfood Records, which brings a bonus, the labels house band The Rays.

Keller has produced ten new songs for the album and added the Aretha Franklin cover “Baby I Love You.”

While Keller may move in R&B and rock directions at times; he is at heart a blues musician. His lyrics chronicle life but from a mellow perspective. His guitar work is fiery and the Rays fill in the blanks and add layers to his music.

Whether smoldering or high energy; songs such as “Don, Let The Take Your Joy,” “You Bring The Sunshine,” “This Is Gonna Hurt,” and “Kiss Me Like You Miss Me” are now part of Keller’s body of work.

Keller has learned his craft well. Every Soul’s A Star is another fine release and is well worth a listen.