Ballad Of Davy Crockett 45 by Bill Hayes

June 23, 2011

During the 1950s, Disney released a series of television programs about the life od Davy Crockett. Starring Fess Parker as Crockett and Buddy Ebson as his sidekick, Georgie Russell, they were huge successes. Millions of Davy Crockett items, such as mugs, hats, guns and the like were sold.

Enter Bill Hayes. He was part of Sid Caesar’s SHOW OF SHOW’s televion series and played Doug Williams on the soap opera, DAYS OF OUR LIVES.
While not noted as a singer, he would have two chart singles and one would be a huge hit.

It was Bill Hayes who released “The Ballad Of Davy Crockett” as a single on February 26, 1955. It would top the American Singles Charts for five weeks and sell over a million copies. Just about every school kid during the mid-1950’s could sing the lyrics.

Bill Hayes would go back to acting, but leave behind one of the iconic songs of the decade.