Down On The Corner/Fortunate Son 45 by Creedence Clearwater

March 27, 2012

Creedence Clearwater is the answer to a great music trivia question. What artist had the most number two hits (5) on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart but never a number one.

“Down On The Corner/Fortunate Son” was a great two-sided single. “Down On The Corner” was the A side and it reached number three on the singles chart. It was a typical Creedence catchy rock song that just stayed with you for days.

“Fortunate Son” was a hit in its own right reaching number 14. It was one of the most scathing anti-war songs of all time as it citicized children of privilege.

Released during the fall of 1969, it was one of the better single releases of its era.

Fortunate Son 45 by Creedence Clearwater

September 28, 2010

“Fortunate Son” remains one of the most biting and critical anti-war and anti-political songs in rock history.

Originally released during the second half of 1969 as The Vietnam War was reaching its climax, it focused on the rich sons of the priviledged who did not have to serve in the military.

It made its first appearance as the flip side of the “Down On The Corner” single release. “Down On The Corner” reached number four on The United States singles charts and “Fortunate Son” made it a double hit release reaching number twelve.

It was a rollincking and in places vicious guitar based track. This rock anthem by John Fogerty has rung down through American music history.