Good Vibrations By The Beach Boys

January 3, 2020


One if the iconic songs in rock and roll history reached number one December 10, 1966.

Brian Wilson went into the recording studio early in 1966 and created a pop symphony. “Good Vibrations” was the most expensive and sophisticated single ever produced at the time. It ultimately took 17 sessions, six months,  and four recording studios.

“good Vibrations” entered the Hot 100, October 26. 1966 and reached number one for one week starting December 10, 1966.

The Beach Boys would continue to be a top concert attraction but it would be ten years before they had another top 10 single in the United States.

“Good Vibrations” continues to be one of the most respected single releases of the rock and roll era.

Good Vibrations 45 by The Beach Boys

November 3, 2009


“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys is one of the most incredible productions in rock history. Following on the heels of his masterpiece, PET SOUNDS, it showed the direction Brian Wilson was moving in before everything feel apart.

Brian Wilson literally pieced the song together note by note and layer upon layer. It took as much time and money as many album releases of the day. What emerged was one of the classic and most respected songs of the sixties.

The public would instantly recognize its brilliance at it would top The American charts in October of 1966. There have been very few singles to equal it during the last forty plus years.