The Complete Original Dunhill/ABC Hit Singles by The Grass Roots

April 1, 2014

The Grass Roots, along with such groups as the Association, Turtles, Three Dog Night, Lovin’ Spoonful, Young Rascals, and a number of others may have sold millions of albums but it was their singles that cemented their reputations as they dominated the AM radio airwaves during the second half of the 1960s and early 1970’s.

The Grass Roots many times tend to fly under the radar but such hit singles as “Where Were You When I Needed You,” “Let’s Live For Today,” “Things I Should Have Said,” “The River Is Wide,” “Wait A Million Years,”  “Temptation Eyes,”  “Sooner Or Later,” and “Midnight Confessions” were some of the catchiest of their era. The band’s ability to create tight harmonies and smooth melodies were consistently excellent.

Real Gone Music has now released The Complete Original Dunhill/ABC Hit Singles album which gathers most of their A side single releases for the label. They are presented in their original and glorious mono sound. The sound is crystal clear and the enclosed booklet presents a complete history of the band. The word complete is not exactly correct as there are four singles missing. “Feelings,” “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire,” “”We Can Dance To The Music,” and “Stealin’ Love In The Night” may not have been among their best known releases but their omission prevents the collection from being absolutely complete.

P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri, who were songwriters, performers, and producers, were responsible for the band’s first hit “Where Were You When I Need You,” but it was bassist/vocalist Rob Grill who would become synonymous with the band’s sound. He would continue to perform with the band until his death in 2011.

The good news about this release is when you assemble the best of the Grass Roots material in one place; it ends up being an excellent release because when they were good, they were very good. Many of their albums have never been released on CD but this is the only one that you’ll need. A must release for any fan of the era.

Let’s Live For Today 45 The Grass Roots

July 29, 2011

Steve Barri and P.F. Sloan were studio musicians who produced all sorts and types of music. They formed The Grass Roots and during 1966 produced the top 30 hit, “Where Were You When I Needed You.”

They then went out and recruited an entire goup, which would take over the name and produce 21 singles that made the BILLBOARD mAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

The key was lead singer Rob Grill, who passed away a few weeks ago. His voice would blast out over the radio airwaves on a series of hit singles for years and he would tour with the Grass Roots for decades.

Their first big hit featuring his vocals was released May 13, 1967. “Let’s Live For Today” reached number eight on the National charts.

It was typical of their sound as it was catchy pop/rock. The Grass Roots may not have changed the face of rock ‘n’ roll, but they made it more pleasurable for several years.