Greenfields 45 by The Brothers Four

June 29, 2011

The Brothers Four were a four man folk group assembled at the University of Washington during the late 1950’s. They caught the folk revival movement during the early to mid-1960s and rode it to success.

Dick Foley, Bob Flick, John Paine, and Mike Kirkland would find commercial success by selling million albums during their career. While they would have eight singles reach the charts, only one would enter the top 30.

“Greenfields” was released February 22, 1960 and came very close to reaching number one. It spent four weeks in the nuber two position of the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

The commercial success and the chart albums stopped at the end of the 1960s but the group continued on. Now over 50 years into their career they are still on the road.