Help By The Beatles

April 3, 2016

The Beatles returned to the top of the American Charts for the ninth time on September 4, 1965, for the first of three weeks.

“Help” was the title song of their second film and had a quick journey to the top. It entered the charts at number 41 on August 7, and four weeks later it arrived at number one.

John Lennon once stated that “Help” and “Strawberry Fields” were his favorite songs.


Help 45 by TheBeatles

August 23, 2011

Anticipation was high for The Beatles second movie. A HARD DAYS NIGHT had been an artistic and commercial success. HELP proved to be less so but the title song was memorable.

“Help” was released as a single August 7, 1965, and quickly rose to the top of the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart where it remained for three weeks.

It may not be considered one of their most creative songs but it certainly remains one of their most recognizable.