You Don’t Own Me (HipPocket Records) by Lesley Gore

September 26, 2012

Hip pocket records were small 4 inch flexi-discs that would play on regular stereo systems plus record players made especially for the discs. They were produced during the 1960s but never really caught on.

Most of the major labels of the day produced the discs and ones by such artists as The Beatles and The Beach Boys are fairly collectable today.

The best thing about the releases was they came with picture covers. Lesley Gore was one of America’s female sweethearts during the 1960s. Pictured here is her hit single, “You Don’t Know Me,” which was released during late 1963 and spent three weeks at number two on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart during early 1964. It was a much better picture than her regular black and white picture sleeves for the Mercury Label.