The Beat That Can’t Be Beat/I Love Linda 45 by Jan & Arnie

February 26, 2012

Jan Berry, Arnie Ginsberg, and Dean Torrence were members of the Barrons while in high school. When Dean was called to six months service in the Army reserve, Jan & Arnie signed with the Arwin label. They had one top 10 hit, “Jennie Lee” during 1958, and one other track, “Gas Money” that made the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

One of the more difficult singles to track down was “The Beat That Can’t Be Beat/I Love Linda.” It was very different from the layered sound that Jan Berry would produce during the 1960s. The single received no chart action.

Dean would return and Arnie would enter the navy. Jab & Arnie would be no more and Jan & Dean would go on to create some of the best car and surf music of the 1960s.

Jennie Lee 45 by Jan and Arnie

December 7, 2009

Before Jan & Dean emerged as Surf and Car song heart throbs, 1963-1966, they released a string a pop hits in the late fifties and early sixties.

In 1958 high school friends, Jan Berry, Dean Torrence, and Arnie Ginsburg recorded the song “Jennie Lee” for the small Arwin Label. Dean actually sang lead on the tune but was serving in The National Guard when Jan And Arnie signed a contract to release the record so it was credited to them. It became a big national hit reaching number 8 on the charts.

“Jennie Lee” sounds primitive by today’s standards and expecially when you compare it to some of their classic hits recorded for the Liberty label.

Jan & Arnie would release “Gas Money” but it would stall at number 81 and the Arwin label would drop them. Arnie would then enter the service and Dean would return to create the enduring Jan & Dean duo and the rest as they say is history.