Bridges and Boats by Kosmoratik

October 24, 2013


And now, all the way from Oslo, Norway, we have Kosmoratik and their second album Bridges and Boats.

The band is a trio composed of vocalist Lise Lotte Agedal, vocalist/songwriter Elvin Johansen, and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Odd Gunnar Freysland, plus assorted back-up musicians.

There is a lot to like here but the band never really settles into one style and sound. Some of the tracks are excellent individual pieces but do not blend into an integrated whole. The band was formed in 2011 and this is their second album. As such, they seem to be exploring different directions, which make for an interesting but sometimes disjointed release.

Tracks such as “Bridges and Boats” and “Metadata” are laid back and the vocals almost run counter point to the melodies. In some ways, it creates a double melody with the structure of the songs.

One of the superior tracks is “Be Here Now,” which starts gently but builds as the guitars come in until it evolves into an American psychedelic rock piece. It is followed by “Be,” is a nice pop song and features Lise’s clear and beautiful lead vocal. Both tracks form bookends of what the band does best.

Their music all comes together with “The Strangest Dream,” which combine elements of psychedelic rock and Lise’s  pop voice. It may be a direction the band wants to pursue as their career progresses.

Kosmoratik is a band that will hopefully continue to grow and mature and Bridges And Boats will be a link in their chain.