My Guy By Mary Wells

December 14, 2014


The short instrumental intro to “My Guy” is still instantly recognizable if you are of a certain age.

Mary Wells was the first artist to enter a recording studio for the  legendary Motown label. Her single “The One Who Really Loves You” was the first top 10 hit in Motown history.  And on May 16, 1964, her “My Guy” was the first number one song for the label where it remained for two weeks.

Her time with Motown was short. She signed at age 17 and left when she was 21 due to a disagreement over royalties. She would never again enjoy the success she had with Motown.

She passed away in 1992 from cancer leaving behind one of the signature non-British songs of the mid-1960’s.

You Beat Me To The Punch 45 by Mary Wells

April 12, 2013

mary wells

Sometimes Mary Wells, 1943-1992, just slides under the radar when one thinks about the Motown label but she was one of its shining stars during its early days. She was signed to Motown at the age of 17. She was the first artist to record a top ten hit and was the first to reach number one with “My Guy,” which was her signature tune.

She would release three top ten singles during 1963. The second of the three, “You Beat Me To The Punch,” was issued during the late summer and peaked at number nine on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Hot 100. It also topped the Rhythm & Blues Chart.

She would chart 13 Pop Chart singles, 1961-1964, before leaving the label. She would chart ten more singles for various labels, 1965-1965 and would pass away from throat cancer in 1992.