Goin’ Your Way By Neil Finn & Paul Kelly

January 30, 2016

Light Flight Pentangle

Superstars in their native New Zealand and Australia, Neil Finn ad Paul Kelly toured together during 2013. When they performed together at the Sydney Opera House the tape was rolling, which resulted in a double live album released in their own countries. Now Goin’ Your Way has been released in the United States and internationally for the first time.

Rather than present their material as solo artists with backing musicians, they formed a band, which resulted in each of them adapting to the others material and style. It also resulted in their songs acquiring new textures and tones.

The concert’s 29 tracks are built around Kelly’s solo hits “To Her Door” and “Before Too Long” and those of Finn, “She Will Have Her Way” and “Sinner.” Finn also brought material from his time with Split Enz and Crowded House. “One Step Ahead,” “Message To My Girl,” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over” are re-imagined and taken in new directions.

Excellent sound, scintillating guitar work, passionate vocals, and good packaging all add up to a memorable concert experience.

For anyone not familiar with Kelly and Finn’s work, Goin’ Your Way is an excellent introduction to their material and careers.