Oh My Pa-Pa 45 by Eddie Fisher

July 29, 2012

1954 had dawned and Eddie Fisher was back on top of the pop charts. He is one of the forgotten superstars of the pre-1950s rock ‘n’ roll era. I have mentioned this a number of times but he was married to Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, and Connie Stevens.

He was a pop crooner who enjoyed tremendous commercial success. One of his biggest hits was “Oh My Pa-Pa,” which topped all three BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Charts.

Best Sellers In Stores Chart – 1/2/54 – 8 Weeks At Number One.
Most Played By Disc Jockeys Chart – 1/15/54 – 7 Weeks At Number One.
Most Played In Jukeboxes Chart – 1/30/54 – 6 Weeks At Number One.

His career never recovered from his divorce of Reynolds and marriage to Taylor plus the advent of rock ‘n’ roll as the dominant music form. Still, only a very few artists can match his popularity during the first half of the 1950s.